by A Run For The Coast

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released September 13, 2013

The Revisionist Sound Studios, Kevin Burns and The Talent Farm, all our local band friends and the support of our friends and family.



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A Run For The Coast Pembroke Pines, Florida

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Track Name: Alyssa Drugs
I've never seen you so understanding. Like you've been there before. Like you took someone's heart and stomped it out on the floor. When you lay down in bed, you can't sleep. You can't sleep. Because, it's stuck in your head. Oh yeah, it's stuck in your head, and this lack of dreaming is keeping you awake for way too long. You try to find your find your heart, but now it's gone. It's stomped out on the floor. Where'd you go wrong? You knew this fucking feeling all along.
Track Name: Greenwhich Valley
Dear, Lady Apathy. My friend. Old friend. Did you miss me? I'm glad you're doing well. I can see that you're still hissing, and pissing on my life. You always have. You always will. It's getting warm. I'm changing all the locks this coming Wednesday. I'll be sure to send a key. Just don't lie to me. Just don't lie to me this time. Don't say that you're all i need. Cause' everyone that I needed tried to get away. Just take your guts, and put them around your neck. You always looked better dead to me. Where is Ms.Sympathy when you need her? Oh yeah, she's fucking everybody else but me.
Track Name: Nothing I Do Will Ever Change The World
I've realized that everyone I know in my life is moving on with theirs' and i'm just sitting here. Alone. I feel worthless. But I deserve it. I can't tell if i'm just tired, or if I'm just living anymore. Cause' everything is such a fucking bore. Including me. I stay away from everything. I stay away to keep me safe.
Track Name: A Certain Shape
I really wish that you would stay. Because, I've noticed, everyday with you is shorter than the last. You're the shape of comfort.
Track Name: Small Box
I made a friend. His name was eh. I met him yesterday. I told him everything. How I just laugh at everyone. How I just suck out all the fun. How I pissed off my friends last week. How they should know I'm always (kidding). I never learned how to say "hi" or "bye" properly to any of his nine lives. oooohhh. He made a bed of cardboard and grass. He just kind of laid around. He just kind of rotted out.
Track Name: Cold Curb
Chew me. Like always. Scrape me on the curb again. Build me a statue. Tear it down with words again. It's really not hard to make me feel inadequate. Because, I already do. I'm constantly looking down. Like my eyes belong there. I think it feels right, or maybe I'm just fucked up.
Track Name: Ramp To Basic
I've been thinking about how I cannot sleep. I keep dwindling chances. I'm a burden at least. Maybe if. If I showed you I cared. You'd know that I love you. But, I'm really just scared. Why can't I do this right? I swear I come off terribly to you. I'm two steps from facing down. The pavement's nice and sound. I don't know how to act in this mess. I'll try. But, it's all I can do here. I'm a mess.
Track Name: Dweeb
I've been caught again. Looking out the window, making eye contact with strangers. I shut my mouth again. While I watch you sharpen yours', to puncture through me like a bolo. Go ahead and call me names. Cause' plastic veins don't feel the same. (And I would know). Cause' you and I are both the same. You just choose to call me lame. But, that's okay. Cause' you're ashamed. I'll never change.
Track Name: Steps
Sometimes leaving feels like healing. I still tend to forget the difference between the two. I'm leaving you behind. I'm thinking that's where you should have been.
Track Name: Shorebreak
Where is the love? How could you leave it? Out in the car, in the front yard? I should have known, just by the tone of all of your voices all at once. Where do I go from here? You were my only friends. But, I guess that I know the routine. I'll just go to my room and fall asleep. Eat me alive. straight from the inside. Just please make this quick. I already know it won't be painless. I messed up again. How do I manage? Sometimes I can be just the worst kind of person. Where do I go from here? You were my only friends. But, I guess that I know the routine. I'll just go to my room and fall asleep.
Track Name: Curvature
When I was asleep, you hovered right over the sheets and discovered me. I fell apart far too much trying to figure out who I was. I'm still asking why I'm here. I'm making blank white stares.